What I want to do is to create forms and spaces from almost nothing. To free volume of mass. To go through dimensions with ease. To break the borders between bi, tri and quadridimensional space with the ease of a haiku poet. To fill the space with visual metafors. I want to give homage to the Allcreator. My intention is to make a poetry of sculpture, rather than sculpture itself. Crossing the borders between the domains of art is a playfully challenging issue. Through my sculpture wich is polimorphic and mobile i want to sugest the essence  ” all the living ” in perpetual motion.

“If for Brancusi, the “Rooster“ song had it’s own form, for the sculptor Bone, form has it’s own “song”, through it’s unwraping in space and evolving in light and movement.The musicality of Bone’s forms generating perpetually new scores in our synesthetic perception is meant to reach the subtile and unique point of the origin of all arts .”(Irine Conti )